Duplicate Photos Cleaner Plus is a tool that assists you in removing multiple copies of similar as well as duplicate photos from your entire Mac and iPhoto/Photos Libraries keeping your Mac clutter-free.
Once you've installed and launched Duplicate Photos Cleaner Plus, add photos, folders or iPhoto/Photos Libraries to the scanning list. Then select the match type and adjust matching criteria towards the right panel of the application screen and click on "Scan for Duplicates" button. This displays the results with multiple versions of similar photos grouped together. You can then trash photos you do not want to keep.
Yes. Photos that have slightly been edited are detected as identical photos. These photos can have a different contrast, color or brightness level. Duplicate Photos Cleaner Plus will detect such photos and will categorize them as identical.
The following are detected as similar photos:
  1. Photos shot in quick succession in burst mode.
  2. Slightly photoshopped photos.
  3. Photos having a different contrast, color or brightness level .
  4. Identical photos clicked within the last 24 hours
  5. Identical photos clicked within a distance of 100 meters
Photos cleaned are not deleted from the system. They are only sent to trash from their actual location. However, you can recover these photos back from trash. For best results, it is recommended that you delete these photos from trash as well to save disk space.
Duplicate Photos Cleaner Plus is compatible with iPhoto 9.0 and above only.

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